Carbipel – Tanning of hides and skins

The tannery Carbipel boasts over 40 years experience in processing of hides and skins. It is specialized in processing and production of “hair on hides” : a type of very particular and sophisticated product that by its nature is very extremely suited to meet fashion trends and to stimulate the imagination of high-end leather goods designers. The company is organised to respond flexibly and quickly to market demands, and today the quality of the finished product makes it possible for Carbipel to target new and ever-more prestigious international goals with drive and determination.

Moreover, Carbipel has made customer service one of its top priorities; the objective is to provide outstanding service, with a focus on reliability and on-time delivery of its entire range of products, and to be considered a key reference point for trade professionals.

Colours, patterns, effects and special processing of the Carbipel hides contribute to highlighting the creative talents of our designers who manage to captivate the public with a gamut of innovative and aesthetically stimulating products.