Welcome to Carbipel

Carbipel Conceria was founded in 1974 by CARMELO BIOLO, who at that time had already gained over twenty years’ experience in working with hair-on hides.
In fact, his vast expertise in the field earned him the nickname of "King of hair-on hides".

Steady dedication and commitment to leather processing have enabled Carbi.Pel to create a vast array of articles for wide-ranging market sectors: leather goods, furnishing and footwear.


Carbipel Conceria was established in 1974 by CARMELO BIOLO in a production environment – la Valle del Chiampo (Chiampo Valley) - that is unanimously recognised as world leader in the leather industry. At that time Biolo was already a master in the art of processing “hair-on hides” after having worked in the industry for over twenty years and, in fact, was known by his colleagues as the "King of hair-on hides".

Today the company is run by his 2 sons and 2 daughters who have not only inherited their father’s moral values of loyalty and diligence but also his particular technical know-how and expertise that enables them to process hair-on hides in such a way as to produce the highest quality finished product.
All these factors together enable Carbi.Pel to zero in, with drive and determination, on new and ever-more prestigious international goals.

The company is structured to respond flexibly and quickly to market demands by providing a professional and high quality service to its customers.